Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seven Things and awards

Christie at http://www.somewhereintime-christie.blogspot.com/ gave me this award. Thank you Christie

This lovely little guy came from Cori G of
http://www.gingerbreadcrumbsandcompany.blogspot.com/ Tnank you Cori!

Although I thought I had touched base and was safe , Christie at http://www.somewhereintime-christie.blogspot.com/ has tagged me with this game. I have to tell you seven things about me on these subjects. She has also given me an award. In fact so has Cori G. So here goes.
Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die.
  • I plan to finish our home in Eufaula with enough life and hopefully money left to enjoy it.
  • I plan on starting a Bed and Breakfast
  • I plan to travel across country in our RV and hopefully meet my new blogging friends along the way.
  • I plan to go to Italy.
  • I plan to help start or be involved in a women's ministry.
  • I plan on being a wonderful Grandma.
  • I plan on learning how to paint roses.
  • Seven Things I can do....
  • I can water ski
  • I can snow ski
  • I can drive a boat.
  • I can drive our RV.
  • I can cast my fishing line without getting hung up in the trees. I guess you can say I can fish with the big boys. lol
  • I can cook when I want to.
  • I can organize messes really well.

Seven Things I Cannot Do

I cannot figure out presently how to put pretty pages behind my blog page.

I cannot bait my hook, guess this is what separates me from the boys

I cannot sing although I love to

I cannot go over a bridge or through a tunnel without saying a prayer

  • I cannot stand snakes,people or otherwise.
  • I cannot bungee jump
  • I cannot think of another thing lol
Seven Things That Attracted Me To My Hubby
  • He is kind
  • He is generous
  • He loves the Lord
  • He has a great personality
  • He loves our children and they know it
  • He is smart
  • He makes me feel special.

Seven Things I say most often.

  • Help me Lord

  • It is what it is

  • We'll see

  • Thank you JESUS!
  • I love you babe
  • This may sound silly but...
  • Are you kidding me?

Seven celebrities that I admire the most.

  • Billy Graham
  • Beth Moore
  • Joyce Meyer
  • Michael W. Smith
  • Amy Grant
  • Casting Crowns
  • Point of Grace
Seven Foods that I love
Give me coconut cream pie...and lots of it
  • oranges

  • the new natural pizza by Pizza Hut
  • cherries
  • chicken marsala
  • home made ice cream
  • juicy peaches
Now it is your turn. I am putting this out there for any friend that wants to play. Just let me know when you do so that I can come and learn about you.

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Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Becky!
That tag about you was so fun! I loved learning more about you. You are such a doll...Hope you have a great weekend!
P.S. I have alot of Admiration for Joyce Meyer too and Billy Graham and Casting Crowns too, everyone you listed.