Friday, September 12, 2008

Rachel Ashwell Inspired RV...won't you come in?

Welcome to our Pink Rolling Romantic Home
This is a Georigie Boy Laundau but I call it my Georgie Girl
We covered up every existing fabric that made it look so RV ish. Pink Slipcovers from

Rachael Ashwell were reworked and I used her tablecloths for curtains. They all went so well with the sage carpeting.

Her throw rugs worked perfectly as well.
And you have to have a PINK coffee pot.
In the drawer are PINK handled silver ware of course.

PINK and sage towels hang in the bath. We have a feather bed. And we sleep like babies every time we camp.
This is the special breakfast that I fix. My secret. Buy Mc Donalds pancakes the day before and then use a heart cookie cutter. Nobody will know and they'll think you are wonderful. Who wants to clean while camping? I try to make my meals ahead of the trip so I get to have a relaxing morning or evening but enjoy a good meal too. And there is nothing like a morning in the campground.


Today is Pink Saturday and our wonderful hostess is Beverly at

Make sure you hop over there so that you can enjoy pink all day long.

There are so many other participants who post lovely pink things.

I know you are going to enjoy it.

Have a great day.



SoCal Helene said...

That is the most Pinkadelicious RV I have ever seen, it’s too adorable never thought I would say that about an RV…….
;o) Helene

Jeanne said...

Becky you are a hoot. I love the pinkness of your beautiful RV. You must be a romantic person. Your table outside is also lovely. Go pink. smile.

Yes I always bought the things I would love. I am wondering why my text is separated from the print. When I tried to edit nothing was wrong. Mmmmmm. A puzzlement. Maybe it is just my screen.

Hugs, Jeanne

KarenHarveyCox said...

Becky, I adore this trailer. You have done such a magnificent job decorating this cottage trailer. I could move right in, I guess the best trip this trailer could take is to a rose garden.

Becky, this is the prettiest RV I have ever seen. I love all of your blogs, I visited all of them this morning. I so appreciate your love of art.

Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

Cathi said...

I want to go camping with you!!!
Happy PS and thanks for stopping by mine.

Mo said...

How cool is that RV! LOVE it and all the pink in it! Happy Pink Saturday!

windycorner said...

Hi Becky,
I can't believe you live in Odessa too and I'm just finding you. I'll come back and visit longer, right now my husband and I are going to Trinity to pick up a china cabinet I bought on Craig's list yesterday. Nice to meet you, neighbor!

Vintage To Chic said...

Hey Lady, This is the only way to travel. You must have a husband like mine who doesn't mind my frills as long as I am happy. Enjoy your travels.

Darlene said...

Good Morning Becky,

Oh, I LOVE all your pink-ness in the looks so LOVELY!! And your outdoor setup just makes me want to be there relaxing!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

Marina Capano said...

Hi! wow! I love it! Me encanta! Es realmente bella la decoracion de la casa rodante, tan dulce y encantadora. Que lindo realizar viajes a lo largo del pais con un vehiculo tan romantico y rosa.
so cute!!!!!!!!
Happy pink saturday! feliz sabado rosa!
besos y abrazos
kisses and hugs



This is adorable!!!! I love your blog and found you a longggg time ago and then lost you somehow!!! Love your RV and your wonderful B&B!!!

Sue said...

This is nothing like any RV I've ever seen---looks so charming and one I could live in instead of just camp. I really enjoyed your blog. I will be back.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...



Katie said...

WOW, what a fabulous RV! Love the heart pancakes idea! Happy Pink Saturday!

Jennifer said...

Becky,Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog.I love your blog your Rv is just the best i have ever seen.Thats my kind of camping!I love all the pink and everything.I can't wait to look at your others.Happy Pink Sat,Jen

jennifer's petal palace

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Hi Becky,
"I WANT YOUR RV" camping has never been so is amazing. I love all the touches from R A...her Target collection is wonderful...I have a lot of her Target treasures around my home....Great Job...*****5 STAR RV*****.....
When I read you have "MY ROOM" at Eufaula I was jumping for joy...It made me day you will have that B & B and I will be there for sure my friend.....
Big Hug,
Mo :-)

g said...

Wow, that RV is incredible. Now where to travel? Do you give tours?

How nice to read you're in Odessa. We were just there in August - my mother in law lives there, and we were visiting.

Happy pink Saturday!

Grandma Faith said...

Thanks for coming by my blog for a visit. I think your motorhome is awesome. You have truly turned it into something special. I got a kick out of your seat in the boat as well. I wish you the best with your bed and breakfast.

Virginia said...

Wow! What a adorable RV. I love all the pinkness. Very sweet.
Have a Happy and Bless Pink Saturday.

Connie said...

Oooooooooooh, BE STILL MY HEEEEARTTT!!!!!!!! I love it!!! I'm in the process of doing a popup camper trailer Love Bunny/hubs just bought for us. I am soooooo not into camping anymore but a chick's gotta do what a chick's gotta DO to keep her hubs happy, right?!?! I absolutely adore yours and will show hubs as soon as he gets home from getting new tires on his car today. Ooooh, my is he gonna be surprised. If you want to see the fabric I've picked out to get RID of the atrocious "RV type" fabric in those trailers/rv/campers go to my blog and look. It WILL be a rose cottage on wheels, my little chickee!! Woooo hoooo, I can't wait for this one to be finished. I'll work on it through the winter though. I don't know if he'll allow me to paint the outside but the inside is definitely going to be "fluffy frou frou" and like yours we'll definitely have a "feather topper" on it!!! I'm sooooooooo excited, sweetpea. Hubs said the inside is MINE! I'm such a "Queen" around this house.

Cori G. said...

Hi Becky,
I just read your comment under "Leave your comment" My mother used to say that all the time. Too funny.
Your RV is so darling and pink dressed in all her pinkery. Hubby and I have been looking for a vintage trailer for some time, but no luck yet!
Love your Pink Saturday. I didn't post today too much to be done.
Have a blessed day.

Charlotte said...

Now that's my idea of a perfect RV. I'm glad you stopped by my blog and it led me to yours. I looked at your other blogs too. They're all beautiful.

Charlotte said...

Hi again,
I got so excited about all your beautiful pink things that I forgot to answer the question you asked me. I lived in Fort Collins. I loved it there. That was a long time ago - 1954 - I've only been back there once a few years ago. It had really changed a lot.


Happy Pink Saturday!

What a fantastic place you have!
A trailer! How fun!
This is for sure a great PINK post!

~ Gabriela ~

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Becky!

I have seen your trailer before! Where and when?! Anyhoo, I LOVE IT TO pieces!!!! I could live in it forever! You have done some cutie pie things to it and I am it is a home away from home when you camp! Lucky you!

Happy Pink Saturday and adding you to my FAVORITES!


Smilingsal said...

Super makeover. Thanks for that breakfast tip! Happy Pink Saturday!

Joy said...

Becky ~ such a cozy, cute RV!

Mya said...

Oh my that is fabulous. I just love how you made the RV so pink and cozy. Love the breakfast idea too; how clever. You are my kind of girl. Happy Pink

ellen b. said...

Oh what fun to be camping next door to you! That would be a hoot. I love your pink moving home!!!

SHaBBy ViNTaGe CHiC said...

Hi Becky!
Thanks for stopping by, and oh my gosh!...congrats on making this happen! It is truly GORGEOUS - every room look sooo romantic. Laces & Lures sounded so familiar to me, and then I remembered that I bought things from you when you had the shop in Dunedin. Teacups, seashells, a blue shelf. Anyway, congrats on everything, really. This looks like the most relaxing spot on earth.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Awwww Becky that is amazing! I have always wanted to go cross country in something like that. Your DH sounds like he's as crazy about fishing as mine. Mine fishes every single day. When I was much younger I always went with him. He's a catch and release guy too. Happy Pink Saturday. ~ Lynn

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness! I love your pink camper. I think I might actually like going camping if I had one decorated like that! Have a wonderful pink Saturday!

A Romantic Porch said...

Becky, Your romantic RV looks so divine. Now I want to go camping. I can't wait to get my hands on your bread recipe! Yay!
xo rachel

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Becky.

Your RV is fantastic, and so much fun. What a wonderful time you must have camping. Absolutely perfect!

Carolyn said...

What a charming camper! I really enjoy your blogs. Carolyn

Patricia said...

This is just stunning - who would have thought for an RV. Happy Pink Saturday.

Tricia said...

I Love It! Your title makes sense now! I think your husband is a good sport to love to fish and love you and your pinkie stuff. It would be the same with me. I need a pink coffee pot real bad! Nice bas too

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Becky,
Love your romantic pink RV...looks great and very comfy~

Hope your pink sat. has been a great one.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh my goodness! do you have extra space for me.. coz.. once I am in the trailer.. I wont got out.. heheheheh this is so awesome! I love everything in here! now.. i am going back in your trailer.. and find my small lil corner.. hehehehehhe thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Anne Fannie said...

Hello Becky, I love your RV, the inside is so adorable all pinked up! How fun taking it on trips!
Love, Ann

KatCollects said...

I LOVE the RV, I want one!!! : ) Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Pink Saturday!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...




Dawn said...

That is one beautiful girly pink RV. What a great job you have done decorating it. I love how you spruced up your camp site!


take care,

Susan Hickam said...

Now that is a campning trip I would really enjoy! Gorgeous! I also loved your previous Pink Post(computer down last week just saw it). Hapy Pink Weekend.


Hi Becky,
Oh I love what you have done with your Georgie Girl, she is beautiful! That breakfast is so funny, love that one. I'll have to try that next time we go. The dishes are so pretty to. By that way I had to start another blog, I never could get the layout button back on my other one. Hope you had a good weekend.

PAT said...

Becky first I want to thank you for coming by the back porch.

I've copied this link to send to our friends. One couple owns a fifth wheel. I can't wait for them to see what you've done! So cute! I love this post! It's wonderful!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Becky, I didn't know which blog to visit, so I browsed through all four and have so enjoyed my visits to all! :) This pink RV is just too cute! ...right down to the fabulous pink coffeepot! That "takes the cake!" LOL! The RV looks like a traveling B&B! I just love it!

I also enjoyed browsing over the old homes you featured in the other blog! Delightful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you will return soon! :) ~Rhonda


Oh my gosh Becky, how could I have made such a silly mistake, I meant triplets!!! I wish you could have been here to help me to! Now that would have been fun.

bj said...

Well, Becky girl, I am just about to have a Texas size RUN-AWAY over this adorable, PINK beauty. It is just PRECIOUS. It should be featured in a magazine...have you tried? Too, too cute.

Tell me... what does hubby (Lures) think of all the pink on a camping trip? Probably if he gets to go fishing, he doesn't give a flip what color bed he sleeps in.

Again, it is just adorable..i love it.

Beverly said...

I have an I Love Your Blog award for you today on my post. Please stop by to pick it up, and know that I really do love your blog.

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Becky! Oh, I just love your's precious, every inch! Well, Girl, I got posted the 7 things tag. Hope you'll stop by when you get the chance. Have a great day!

Suzie Button said...

I am a bit late for Pink Saturday, but I wanted to say how much I love your Pink r.v.!! So wonderful!

Sharon~heartsongs said...

I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I love your camper, it's precious. Does your hubby mind all the pink? I love your heart shape pancakes, great idea, thanks!!



Wow look at all those comments you got! I've missed you today, I hope everything is okay and that your just taking a little break. (;

Kelli said...

What a beautiful and cozy RV! I love all the pink!

ceekay said...

Your RV is spectacular. I just love it and the heart pancakes. That is how I should do all my pancakes!!

Jan and Tom's Place said...


How did I miss this on Saturday? I love it!! I could even camp in something as sweet as this!!!