Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Been messing in my garage

I have had this plan for over 2 years now. Yes, I am a serious procrastinator! Anyway, I always wanted to host a warehouse sale just like the Junk Warehouse girls do. The good Lord knows how many things I held on to when we closed our shop in Dunedin to start the remodel of our Victorian in Eufaula. I kept telling myself," Self, you can use this." It will look fabulous in Eufaula. And so I held on until my garage was flowing over, knowing all the while I had a great shop in the mess. Knowing too, that should anything happen to me my children would be charged with setting a fire. Natalie often said she would just open the door and throw in a match.

Does any other shop keeper have this problem? How about any collectors out there?

For the last several days I have been painting and decorating my garage. My neighbors are cracking me up. I really don't think they have ever walked their dog or power walked this much in one week's time ever. They are not fooling me. They want to know what I am up to. lol

So here it is...

The unveiling of my garage. See anything you can't live without?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

# 1 Beautiful Store

This is my friend Vickie who is the owner of one of the most beautiful stores my feet have ever stepped in to. Victoria's Antique Warehouse in Leesburg FL. I make this trip at least once a month. If I go two months I go through withdrawl! Whenever I need inspiration, I take to the road and enjoy a day of lingering in my dream home away from home. I remember when I found her store. We were on our way for a romantic getaway at a Bed and Breakfast and being the wonderful husband that he is, Dave was allowing me stops along the way to our destination. This stop changed our world in many ways.
The first way would be leaving the store with beautiful furniture that would be used in our guest room. Vickie created our headboard. It has carved love birds. How appropriate! You can view my guest room on my other blog
Here is one of many creations that she has made. I love this so much. I think it would be great in our home in Eufaula. Check out One Shabby old House in my archives and tell me that you don't think that this is a worthy piece for the kitchen.

After seeing this beautiful mantle I believe that we need to paint one of ours in Eufaula green. I just love it. Look at the old tin mirror. Vicky makes these too.

Aren't old doors fabulous. Vicky has made many hall trees from them. Each one a work of art.
I love all of the architectural pieces on the wall. They add such character.

Old beds made into benches. There is a very good chance that a few of her pieces
have graced the page of a romantic magazine or two.

As you can see this is a BEAUTIFUL SHOP filled with Antiques and
European Treasures.
If this is an outing that you and a few girlfriends would like to take. E-mail me at
I will be your tour hostess and you will enjoy your day. I promise!

Then after your trip and you are exhausted from such fun perhaps
Vickie can make your bed up too. Don't you just want to slip into this one?
Her shop is a Beautiful Dream!
One that you won't want to wake up without something purchased from there.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shabby Chic, shopping in Tampa FL

So pretty, so inviting, so comfortable,so affordable, this is why we love Shabby Chic.
Painted furniture goes with every decor. Step back inside my shop and remember the
days with me.
Beach cottage is still such a great look.

Antiques are so pretty when painted. Your purist friends will have a fit though.

Keep posted for a great online shop. Check out

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lace and Lures Presents Lisa and Joe's Beautiful Home

Let's peek inside my friends, Lisa and Joe's beautiful home. Can you find the items they found at Lace and Lures? As hard as it was to watch the furniture leave the store it was so rewarding seeing the homes they have graced. Enjoy the pictures and when you are finished looking do not smack your husband or boyfriend who will only allow you to decorate " His" castle "His" way. Just tell your guy, if you want to "Always be Kissed Goodnight," you might want to allow at least one room to be a Romantic. Maybe then he will allow you to create your Romantic place. If so, start watching my blog as I begin posting pictures of items that you can purchase as well as decorating ideas.

Look how pretty the old server looks in the bathroom.

I still wish I hadn't sold you this chair. It would have looked
beautiful in Eufaula. Just teasing!

Using the screen door as an entrance to their
bedroom was such a great idea.

"Once upon a time two people met and fell in love and they lived happily ever after. " That would be Lisa and Joe. "Always Kiss Me Goodnight. " There is just something about a house so romantic that you just know that kisses are exactly what is showered on Joe because he lets his wife decorate so feminely. If there ever was the most Romantic Couple this couple has to be it. It had become a Saturday morning routine for Lisa and Joe. Their car would pull into our parking lot and out would step the happy couple in pursuit of their next beautiful piece of furniture.
I would laugh as each time they would tell me they just didn't have any room for one more thing but somehow they always managed to find just the right piece for just the right space.
They know exactly what they are doing as they make their choices and their home shows what happens when two people agree.

Look what they did, taking the figurines from old lamps.

As pretty as the home she created!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Home of the Brave

Our son Nick right after graduation from bootcamp. Can a mother be any more proud of her son. I really am. The phrase, "Home of the brave and land of the free takes on a whole new meaning now.
Thank you soldier.
Happy 4th everybody.