Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lace and Lures Presents Lisa and Joe's Beautiful Home

Let's peek inside my friends, Lisa and Joe's beautiful home. Can you find the items they found at Lace and Lures? As hard as it was to watch the furniture leave the store it was so rewarding seeing the homes they have graced. Enjoy the pictures and when you are finished looking do not smack your husband or boyfriend who will only allow you to decorate " His" castle "His" way. Just tell your guy, if you want to "Always be Kissed Goodnight," you might want to allow at least one room to be a Romantic. Maybe then he will allow you to create your Romantic place. If so, start watching my blog as I begin posting pictures of items that you can purchase as well as decorating ideas.

Look how pretty the old server looks in the bathroom.

I still wish I hadn't sold you this chair. It would have looked
beautiful in Eufaula. Just teasing!

Using the screen door as an entrance to their
bedroom was such a great idea.

"Once upon a time two people met and fell in love and they lived happily ever after. " That would be Lisa and Joe. "Always Kiss Me Goodnight. " There is just something about a house so romantic that you just know that kisses are exactly what is showered on Joe because he lets his wife decorate so feminely. If there ever was the most Romantic Couple this couple has to be it. It had become a Saturday morning routine for Lisa and Joe. Their car would pull into our parking lot and out would step the happy couple in pursuit of their next beautiful piece of furniture.
I would laugh as each time they would tell me they just didn't have any room for one more thing but somehow they always managed to find just the right piece for just the right space.
They know exactly what they are doing as they make their choices and their home shows what happens when two people agree.

Look what they did, taking the figurines from old lamps.

As pretty as the home she created!

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