Thursday, July 24, 2008

# 1 Beautiful Store

This is my friend Vickie who is the owner of one of the most beautiful stores my feet have ever stepped in to. Victoria's Antique Warehouse in Leesburg FL. I make this trip at least once a month. If I go two months I go through withdrawl! Whenever I need inspiration, I take to the road and enjoy a day of lingering in my dream home away from home. I remember when I found her store. We were on our way for a romantic getaway at a Bed and Breakfast and being the wonderful husband that he is, Dave was allowing me stops along the way to our destination. This stop changed our world in many ways.
The first way would be leaving the store with beautiful furniture that would be used in our guest room. Vickie created our headboard. It has carved love birds. How appropriate! You can view my guest room on my other blog
Here is one of many creations that she has made. I love this so much. I think it would be great in our home in Eufaula. Check out One Shabby old House in my archives and tell me that you don't think that this is a worthy piece for the kitchen.

After seeing this beautiful mantle I believe that we need to paint one of ours in Eufaula green. I just love it. Look at the old tin mirror. Vicky makes these too.

Aren't old doors fabulous. Vicky has made many hall trees from them. Each one a work of art.
I love all of the architectural pieces on the wall. They add such character.

Old beds made into benches. There is a very good chance that a few of her pieces
have graced the page of a romantic magazine or two.

As you can see this is a BEAUTIFUL SHOP filled with Antiques and
European Treasures.
If this is an outing that you and a few girlfriends would like to take. E-mail me at
I will be your tour hostess and you will enjoy your day. I promise!

Then after your trip and you are exhausted from such fun perhaps
Vickie can make your bed up too. Don't you just want to slip into this one?
Her shop is a Beautiful Dream!
One that you won't want to wake up without something purchased from there.

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