Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where Bloggers Create

I decided to join Karen party, "WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE"


Only because I knew that it was the motivation I needed to get my rear in gear and get my garage organized. I really try to keep it clean but recently I left an antique booth and all of the tubs and furniture ended up in my garage. Yesterday I spent the entire day getting organized. I didn't think I could get it together and I am still working but here is what I did accomplish.

Yesterday you couldn't even find my work table and projects were all over the place. Now at least I can find my hammer! I painted the garage blue because I heard that spiders think it is the sky and they won't build webs. That's a crock! .
My plans are to use my garage one day to host a large once a month event.
So you can see by the post below what it can look like.

But back to reality........

I had chandeliers to paint and put the crystals on.

Windows to go through and figure out which ones would make great cabinets.

A couple of sinks awaiting the right piece of furniture to drop them in to.

And project after project were placed on the shelves so that I can FIND THEM and create.

That's half of my battle. How about you other gals?
I like to pull things off the shelf and play at staging them before they go into the shop.
It's a dream job, working from home.
I work hard at it and in the summer I so often work up a sweat in this garage of mine.
I take pool breaks.
Works for me!

But then it is back to work.

Here is what I have been working on this week.

The table had been painted all green. So I stripped it down and painted the base.

But the only bad thing about my job is that I have a tendancy to fall in love with whatever I am working on and then I want to keep it.

Hmmmm. I think it looks kind of nice there.

I wonder if I can convince my boss??
Looks like I may just have to spray my chairs and make new cushions.
You can see my craft room here...

Enjoy your day browsing around blog land.
There are some beautiful rooms out there.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Calling All Florida Gals.

Are there any gals out there that need a little Romantic Inspiration? How about some Pink inspiration as well? Let me help you find that here today.

Today we are visiting The Cat's Meow.

Located in Ellenton FL and just a quick trip over the Skyway Bridge this shop has it all.

Look at these wonderful sofas!

This is Magnolia Pearl's line of clothing.

Robin, if you should happen to read this I think you are amazing.

This girl loves Loves your clothing.

OMGosh..... they make me feel beautiful.

It's dripping girly girl isn't it? Those pretty ribbon pins are Susie's Holt's creations. Aren't they wonderful? I really wish I had bought one while I was there. What was I thinking?

You have seen her shop and home in so many magazines and my guess is you still have those magazines and go look at them over and over again. I know that I do.

And there are even pretty simple pink tees too.

But you will have to look around alot of lace to find them. I don't mind. Do You?

Look at this darling kitchen. Mark Holt, Susie's talented hubby has his touches here and there in the shop as well. If walls could talk these walls would be singing his praises.

This very talented couple have done it again.

Relocating their shop to Ellenton FL, they have turned a charming old bank building into a beautiful beautiful place.

So if there are any blogging sisters from Florida, I think we all need to meet here one day.

Don't you just think that would be fun?

Oh yeah, their shop is close to the Tampa Airport too so if you want to come from someplace else that will work to. But do come! It is a Pretty Pink Experience.

Now for some more Pink.

Visit my friend Beverly and all the gals who love Pink Saturday.

I also posted more on the Cat's Meow on my other blog



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just Lock Me Up and Throw Away The Key

It seems like I have been getting lots of reminders here in Blogland that "Everyday Is A Gift." So with that in mind I decided to go and make my day special. It didn't matter to me that I was all by myself that day. That just meant that I could linger as long as I wanted, where I wanted and so I set out with my own little adventure in mind.
The sun was shining as I headed out and the drive over the Skyway bridge was simply breath taking. I felt myself get anxious as I saw the Ellenton exit. But not because of the Outlet Malls that are to the left of that exit but off to the right and a mile or two down was the gift I would enjoy for my special day. There the sweet little old bank building sat. Once again holding its treasures inside, and not of the monetary kind but of the best of the best kind to me and that is the creative talent of Mark and Susie Holt. When I stepped through the doors of this charming old building my eyes were blessed with beauty and breathtaking displays.
Room after room spilled over with beauty, lace and romantic charm, each one lovingly pulled together by this sweet couple who have taken this old building and made it truely a gift for all to see.
I spent the next couple of hours on one of Susie's famous couches sharing time with my friends and soaking in all the inspiration a girl could ever want.
They are good people. A wonderful love story of what marriage and teamwork can bring.
They are living their dream here in their new location and lucky me, I get to share it more often because it is so much closer to me now! However close that may be, the words, "The roads to a friends house are never long." ring true. It was so worth the trip! Thank you for my special day Susie and Mark!
This wonderful room is tucked inside the old bank's vault, captivating to say the least. In fact, Oh honey, just lock me up and throw away the key!
Just wait until you see my Pink Saturday's really going to be a good one!
Until then...Go make your day beautiful! And if you are lacking in ideas, just head to the Cat's Meow. You will be glad you did.
3711 US 301 North
Ellenton FL

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will work for Magnolia Pearl clothing!

There is just something about stepping into a beautiful place and trying on something beautiful that will make a girl feel....well.....beautiful.
I haven't felt so pretty in a very long time. Who wouldn't feel pretty in one of Robin's (Magnolia Pearls) creations. They are funky and fabulous!
And where can you find such beauty?
Follow me as I share with you over the next few days,
my friends Susie and Mark Holt's new shop. Although the shop is not new the location is. And the best news for me is that it's so close to Tampa and so easy to find.
Look for this sign and get ready to feel beautiful!
3711 US 301 North
Ellenton FL

Saturday, July 4, 2009

God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home

Have a Happy 4th of July.
God Bless America
My Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Girly girl sweets

Eye CandyDivine

So romantic and feminine and girly girl sweet.
But without any calories.
So enjoy it as much as you want!