Monday, November 8, 2010

The 94th Metamorphosis Monday

Monday's use to get a bad rap but not anymore and all because of the exciting linky party that happens each week at Between Naps on the Porch. Susan has taken this day and made it a special day where you can start your week out with inspirational ideas and projects of befores and afters created by many of her faithful following creative friends. I wonder what these girls are up to today? If you are like me you will snuggle up with your laptop and a nice warm cup of tea. Let's make that a whole pot of tea because todays list is a long one and one that I plan to join in.
I found my Metamorphosis project in the driveway of a young couple. I almost passed this garage sale by until I spotted, buried under baby clothes, this very forlorn looking buffet. When I spotted it I just knew what it could one day be and I was happy to hear they were very, very willing to part with it. At first my hubby was not on board but later as this piece flew out of the shop he was happy to have had a part in the lift and carry part of the deal.
Sold! I love red tickets!