Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Must See Movie

We all know of them. In fact I would say there isn't a week that goes by that you don't hear of a couple struggling in their marriage or a marriage ending in divorce.
I wish that I could load my car up with the people I know of that are struggling and take them to this wonderful movie. I promise you won't leave the same couple. You won't leave the same single. You won't leave the same!


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh gosh, I will have to add it to my list . I want to see the new Richard Gere movie also. I can never remember the name of it though.

Anonymous said...

We are going to see this. My SIL and BIL saw it last week with their church group and she hasn't stopped talking about it. I really want to see it.


Myrna said...

I'm glad to hear a positive review! I was wondering how it was.
That'll be our next date movie!
(Saw the Richard Gere one--suggest you wait for the video) :-/

Sharon~heartsongs said...

I haven't even gotten to see it yet because I have to go visit my mom every weekend and I clean offices at night during the week. But I have really been trying to get friends that are having trouble to go.
Dr. Phil did a show on this movie and the previews are great. I hope this movie reaches a lot of people.

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Becky!
I haven't seen this one....I'll have to rent it, when it comes out on video, it sounds really good. We don't go to the movie theaters....I couldn't even tell you the last movie we went and saw. LOL! We rent them though, sometimes. I will have to rent this when it comes out on video. I want to see the new one with Diane Lane and Richard Gere too, (Nights of R- something) when it comes out on video. Have you seen it? Is it good?