Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pink Nursery Furniture

My daughter was stationed with her husband in Kentucky. She announced that they were coming back home to Tampa. And then she added,"Ya know mom, with both sets of Grandparents close by I think that we will start a family. I was thrilled out of my mind! I had a shop at the time and so I bought that cute little pink chest of drawers, the bassinet with all of those cute quilts and the Mother Goose book and that adorable rocker. Her Shabby Chic nursery was all set. Then after 4 months of being home she changed her mind. She tells me now that when her Baby, meaning hubby, grows up she will have a baby. So she decided to go back to school. I'm ok with it now. She probably would have had a Boy anyway.

Beverly over at host's a wonderful advent called Pink Saturday. If you go to her site she lists all the other ladies participating in Pink Saturday. Enjoy!

A Shop Called Lace and Lures

There once were 3 Cottages By the Sea. One was Lace and Lures.
It was the first time in all of my life that I actually enjoyed going to work.

I had stepped into my dream Finding furniture was so much fun. I loved the hunt and I loved to display them but sometimes I hated to see them leave my little cottage shop. Trust me that doesn't pay the rent!
This was a cabinet I had built for our TV. It was too big to get up the stairs so I had to let it go. sigh...

Have you seen that Friends episode where Joey gets locked in his TV cabinet? Dave advised me not to get in the cabinet to show people I would fit.

I surrounded myself with colors of sherbert. It was yummy. I was content!

One by one my pretties sold. And I had a very good year.
When it was time to renew our lease two of the shops by the sea closed. And although I continued to do well we had purchased the Eufaula house and I wanted to put all my energy into the Victorian cottage And to work on the persent home with its Bed and Breakfast capabilities

Pursuing those dreams has been fun although I still long for my shop. So has been created. It is not exactly like my shop but I think it will be a close 2nd. So please join me in my new venture.
I will still look for the things that make for beautiful romantic rooms and I will display them in ways to give you ideas for other styles.

As the words on the wall say, "The greatest is Love." I know that speaks of God's love. And His love can be poured into us in the gifts and talents he give to us. I once heard someone say that the Glory of God is man fully alive. To be full of the passion of love expressed in everything we do. I do love my work and I do love the people I meet along the way. And above all I do love the Lord who is so good. He truely is able to do more than we ever could ask, dream, or think!

To HIM be the Glory. Step into your Glorious weekend!



Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It started with this sweet faced chicken and I placed her on my plant shelf. But she was lonely so I added one more.......
It only seemed right that I should have a couple on the front porch. On my rug and table and one is tucked in between the pots by the door. As long as they don't crow in the A.M. I don't think the neighbors will mind.

This one is practical. It makes good reading light.

Then I found a darling picture and it seemed to go right here.
My friend Merilu agreed.
Hey, if your girlfriend tells you you have to have it.....YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT RIGHT?
How could I not have a few on my dishes. After all aren't chicken dinners yummy?
This cook needs all the help she can get!
Presentation. They say it makes everyting taste better.
Then my collection grew and I needed the whole wall. Can you count how many chickens are in this picture. I am ashamed to tell you. There are ____naah....I'll let you count and save face.
Salt and Pepper shakers. Oh no!
I've become one of "those" people.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The sun is shining once again in Odessa. It seemed like the worst of the storm came the day after Faye passed by Odessa. I am so happy to see the sun. And I love sunflowers too.
I like speckled bananna too.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fall Colors

I have been bitten hard by the FALL BUG. I just had to have some of these red flowers!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


This china hutch is just off the kitchen in our Victorian House in Eufaula. I guess it would be the butler's pantry. Dave calls it the LD for little dining room. It is all about the paint isn't it?
More pictures to follow of the restoration of "One Shabby Old House."
Enjoy your Pink Saturday.

Pink Saturday/Scary Kitchen continued

Working with a hammer and alot of caulk, the kitchen is starting to be presentable.
For Pink pink cell phone.

The Scary Kitchen

This is our Scary Kitchen. Perhaps I should have waited until Halloween to post it. lol All I wanted to do when we first got started was clean, clean, clean! If you notice the bottle of scotch in the first picture, it was left from the owner. Perhaps that was his method of coping with this scary, scary kitchen. The last few pictures show me coping by painting the backboard green,( temporay) and the cabinets got a fresh coat of paint inside and out.
As you can see, I will really miss our Odessa kitchen.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Family Foto's

Nick is stationed in Hawaii.
My beautiful daughter Natalie is in Tampa.
Vince is our musician and he is in California.
And like all mothers of boys, we must keep them in line!

Two Houses continued...

This is my kitchen in Odessa. All else is a blur until I fix and drink my coffee in the a.m. but when I do I always love what I see. This is my dream house kitchen.
Tomorrow I will show you the kitchen in Eufaula. Beware, what you will see may hurt your vision. That is unless you can see it with Rose Colored Glasses.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Once Upon A Garden

Doesn't this inspire you to go out and find a porch swing as you treasure hunt this weekend?
This idea came from my friend Lisa at The Red Door in Wildwood FL. Better yet go to Wildwood!

Between two houses

I am blaming this all on my friend Jane. I am teasing of course and it is a joke we have between us. Anyway she picked up a Real Estate book while driving through Eufaula on their way to an Alburn Football Game and tossing it to me she said, "You are going to LOVE this town." Dave knew when we looked at the pictures that we would be owning a home there. With so many beautiful Victorian homes and lake front homes and the prices so perfect we felt that we could dream any dream there. Meanwhile, in Florida the prices of insurance and taxes increased. So taking all of this in to consideration Eufaula seemed to have an address just for us for our retirement years.
Now we are in between two houses. Every day in the one is a gift and everyday while we wait leaves us longing to get back to complete our next project. The market is slow and we really can't afford to list our home so we hold on hoping for someone to come along. I know that is a slower process but this is our reality for right now.
We built our Odessa home to actually be a Bed and Breakfast as well. The entire upstairs is dedicated to making our guests comfortable. There is a game room with pool table, tv room, balcony overlooking the lake and a wonderful garden tub off the bedroom. My friends don't want to leave when they visit and we seem to find they return often. Right now while we are in holding I am looking in to the Bed and Breakfast possibilities for our Florida home. According to an attorney we can offer our rooms with the Fishing Guide/Boat crusies. As a Captain Dave can actually marry couples. It has to be on his Fishing Boat but hey, people do the craziest things. I will be posting on my other blog. about the rooms available. So if a romantic getaways seems to be what you both need. If he likes to fish and you like to float or shop or relax by the pool. I think I have the place in Florida for you.
Lace and Lures of course.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Thank you blogging friends for your prayers. I believe Florida saw the answers to them! God is So Good!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Helping After a Hurricane


Today in Florida there are alot of anxious people. Following the track of the storm will be an hourly event for us. We got off easy last year. I don't think I had to pull anything in at all but today is different. I will fill up my car with gas, make ice, have the generator ready and fill the pantry with canned goods and water. And above all else PRAY! Although this storm is being labeled a Cat 1 if one can find comfort in that, it is still a dangerous storm. Depending on what side of the storm you are on it will be tornados that we will have to watch for as well as the sustained winds and driving rain.
I have seen what a Hurricane can do. Dave and I helped with distribution with Katrina and the pictures above are just some of the many we took.
What one can do to help is understand that yes, people will need clothes, but the biggest help you can do is put them in boxes marked with sizes and labeled boy, girl adult,or baby. The parking lot was one of many we saw and then the city was left with not only cleaning up from the storm but cleaning up the boxes of goods and clothes sent. So if you or your church does send clothes. MARK THE BOXES WITH SIZES and then take the boxes back home with you. It took a semi trailor to clean up the mess. We helped with that clean up and what we found in it were winter coats. Those should come in the winter not in August. So please tell others not to send winter clothes. The items needed are diapers, diaper wipes, sheets, towels, pillows, and again mark the boxes if you send anything.
Our church collected funds and what we did was make up cleaning supply buckets . These were so well received and they were sad to see the supplies end.
Another surprise was how people sent boxes of jello and pudding. Although these are yummy treats, folks are without electricity and refrigeration. Clean out your pantry of tuna, canned chicken, and CAN OPENERS. Think of the meals you could make if you didn't have electricity. I know that I am talking to people who are intelliegent enough to think this way but making it a conversation with your church or other organization is a great idea. Send what you would want sent to you. Hopefully we won't need to do anything this year but PRAY.