Monday, August 18, 2008

Helping After a Hurricane


Today in Florida there are alot of anxious people. Following the track of the storm will be an hourly event for us. We got off easy last year. I don't think I had to pull anything in at all but today is different. I will fill up my car with gas, make ice, have the generator ready and fill the pantry with canned goods and water. And above all else PRAY! Although this storm is being labeled a Cat 1 if one can find comfort in that, it is still a dangerous storm. Depending on what side of the storm you are on it will be tornados that we will have to watch for as well as the sustained winds and driving rain.
I have seen what a Hurricane can do. Dave and I helped with distribution with Katrina and the pictures above are just some of the many we took.
What one can do to help is understand that yes, people will need clothes, but the biggest help you can do is put them in boxes marked with sizes and labeled boy, girl adult,or baby. The parking lot was one of many we saw and then the city was left with not only cleaning up from the storm but cleaning up the boxes of goods and clothes sent. So if you or your church does send clothes. MARK THE BOXES WITH SIZES and then take the boxes back home with you. It took a semi trailor to clean up the mess. We helped with that clean up and what we found in it were winter coats. Those should come in the winter not in August. So please tell others not to send winter clothes. The items needed are diapers, diaper wipes, sheets, towels, pillows, and again mark the boxes if you send anything.
Our church collected funds and what we did was make up cleaning supply buckets . These were so well received and they were sad to see the supplies end.
Another surprise was how people sent boxes of jello and pudding. Although these are yummy treats, folks are without electricity and refrigeration. Clean out your pantry of tuna, canned chicken, and CAN OPENERS. Think of the meals you could make if you didn't have electricity. I know that I am talking to people who are intelliegent enough to think this way but making it a conversation with your church or other organization is a great idea. Send what you would want sent to you. Hopefully we won't need to do anything this year but PRAY.


Hooked on Houses said...

We are definitely saying prayers for all of you in Florida today. I've got friends and family I'm worried about down there, too.

Great advice for people who are trying to help after an emergency situation like Katrina! I had to shake my head at the image of all those boxes left, and the winter coats sent. Sounds like some more thought needs to be put into the way we all help in the future!



Hi Becky,
I hope you are fairing well through the hurricane? We just had alot of rain yesterday and the wind and rain today. It wasn't a hurricane when it hit here but were on the bad side, but everything looks to be okay, we didn't even lose power! I hope everyone has the same outcome!

Lady Laurie said...

We were so blessed with many wonderful volunteers (like you) after Katrina. We would not have been able to finish rebuilding our home without their help.
The truth is, the storm isn't the worst part, dealing with everything afterward is...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I hope Fay stays far away!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

You are a know that! I know the people appreciated all that y'all did. God Bless you.