Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great finds and fun redos

I have been busy out looking for things for my new booth at an antique mall
For those of you local gals I am in Knot on Main Street Antique Mall in Dunedin.
Anyway what has been fun is finding and redoing items.
This is a picture of a couple of lamps that I found.
I don't like the gold color of the lamp. It isn't a true gold to me so I decided to change the color to a more bronze color. What do you think? It kind of goes with my new love of more creams, whites and browns
I found this old drysink. I really wasn't sure about it at first. But don't you think it would make a great kitchen island. However I would make a removable butcher block top but not alter it as it really is an old piece. I think it would look wonderful in a flower shop too, with pots and dirt and plants. What are your ideas on it?

Now I am keeping her. I found her in a consignment shop and I love this statue. She has the sweetest face. It is all about the faces with me for everything I buy with one. If I don't like the face I don't buy it.

And this is a great old cabinet that I am going to paint of course. Look at the details. Won't it look fabulous when I get it done?

And this was the deal of the day for me. I love these old beds.
I wonder however if I should paint the detail a different color like the bed I showed on my other blog, www.oneshabbyoldhouse.blogspot.com.
I posted one from The Cat's Meow.
Make sure you check out that post and then let me know if I should paint it. You will love Susie and Mark's shop.
It was just written about in the new issue of Romantic Country.


BECKY said...

Hi Becky! Love all of your finds!! And yes!! Definitely paint the bed!!

Didn't know if you knew or not, but I recently lost a sister-in-law, too. Very tragic accident.
How's your brother doing? Mine isn't doing too well. They were separated, but he didn't want to be. So sad.

Hugs, Gal,

Sharon~heartsongs said...

Looks like you are going to have fun with your booth!
(and be very busy)


Wow you got some really good stuff!! Aren't ya glad you opened a shop again so you can shop more, LOL! I can't wait to see it all done!

Heather said...

great finds! i love all of them.

Lee Laurie said...

I wish that I lived close enough to visit your booth. I'm going to mine today to add a few things that I just found. My problem is that I always find something there that I want at the other booths!

I love the bed you found and the 'island' thing!