Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Bridal Room

I changed my mind and I am going to start the tour with the Bridal Tea Room
This is a separate building. Places like this just make you feel pretty.
I loved the vintage bridal gown collection.
I hope to one day find one. Athough my own gown would be considered vintage now. lol

Aren't these mosaic dishes a great idea?

These tables sat under a gazebo. It was lunch time when we arrived and I was happy to be able to take pictures.
The owner of this store is a wonderful lady.
I met her once and she was so gracious and even gave me her phone number
and told me that she would share recipes and give advise if a Tea Room would ever be something I would like to try. You just don't meet people like that often.
hmmmmm....I think it would be fun.
I can see one in Eufaula.

Another lovely place to sit and enjoy the wonderful food made from scratch daily.

I hope you have enjoyed the Bridal room.
Tomorrow we will tour the other building.
Don't forget to wear your hat and come back.
Until then.


Connie said...

Ooooh, Becky, it is gorgeous!! Yes, you are right; places like that just make you feel pretty being in them, sweetpea. That's how I feel about my pink house. I feel pretty, ooooh so pretty!!


Hi Becky,
OMG it's beautiful, it looks like a dream land!! I'll come back to see the rest of the pic's later, off to bring kids to school now (;

Sharon~heartsongs said...

That place is beautiful. It would be really hard to leave there. I'm sure it would be a very relaxing afternoon.

You said you saw the Lion King, I've never seen that one but I've been told that it's one of the best plays. My favorite is Beauty and the Beast.

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Becky, I really enjoyed this very much. That is one place I wouldn't want to leave. So many gorgeous things to look at. Gosh, I wish she was sellling some to her things. I already have some favorites I would love to purchase.

Rose Haven said...

Oh, lovely!!! I love the broken china silver dishes and the vintage wedding gowns. I could look and look and look in there forever!!!


Cottage said...

It's heavenly...pure bliss!
Can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

Laura said...

Your blog is beautiful!