Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back in the Box and Into the Attic

Next Year has come and so the diet begins.
And all of the decorations go back in the box and into the attic.

I don't think I ever posted on our house in Tampa. I have a rooster and chicken theme if you remember and it even influenced Christmas.

Yes even Santa is riding a Rooster.

On Dasher and Dancer .....back to your box
What do you put on your door after Christmas? I never know what to do until Valentine's Day.
I would love some idea. I guess I could keep the snowmen out there however they look a bit out of place in Tampa.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That pool looks beautiful. I'll be kind of sad to see the Christmas decor go back in the boxes. Happy New Year to you!

countrycharisma said...

Hi Becky, your Christmas decor is pretty, and yes it does feel good to get it back in the box. The holidays are awesome but we all have to get back to some routine and creativity! Thought I had marked to follow your blog, so I am tonight! Happy New Year! carrell

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

If that isn't funny, Santa riding the rooster. oh my.

Joy said...

Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by earlier!

I don't know what to put on the door right now. It's naked.

Laeriss said...


Je vous remercie pour votre lien vers A Heart in Provence, j'en suis très flattée.

Je vous en remercie encore dans ma rubrique "My readers"


ceekay said...

I have the same dilemma. I never know what should go on the door, but it looks so empty. Too early for spring...and snowmen look ridiculous in Arizona! So I guess there are a lot of neked doors out there!!