Friday, December 11, 2015

The magic of Christmas

 Around the Shabby Old House at Christmas time.  I hope that you will enjoy.
The old house has come a long way from it's start and there is still so much to do.
But for now we just enjoy the sparkle of Christmas lights and somehow, magically it makes all the imperfections seem smaller.

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Been Too Long

 I decided to bring this blog up to date.   These were a few of the pictures that I had just recently taken of our bedroom so I hope you enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's Best

 Hope this finds you enjoying some of Sunday's Best!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The 94th Metamorphosis Monday

Monday's use to get a bad rap but not anymore and all because of the exciting linky party that happens each week at Between Naps on the Porch. Susan has taken this day and made it a special day where you can start your week out with inspirational ideas and projects of befores and afters created by many of her faithful following creative friends. I wonder what these girls are up to today? If you are like me you will snuggle up with your laptop and a nice warm cup of tea. Let's make that a whole pot of tea because todays list is a long one and one that I plan to join in.
I found my Metamorphosis project in the driveway of a young couple. I almost passed this garage sale by until I spotted, buried under baby clothes, this very forlorn looking buffet. When I spotted it I just knew what it could one day be and I was happy to hear they were very, very willing to part with it. At first my hubby was not on board but later as this piece flew out of the shop he was happy to have had a part in the lift and carry part of the deal.
Sold! I love red tickets!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

White Wednesday Relaxing

I have been working on a space for a few days now. I have gathered some of my favorite old mirrors and some cut glass pretties and a few candles to set a relaxing mood. It has been a place that I have found myself coming to over and over again.
However I never stayed long in this place.
But I think that will be different now.

In fact I may go missing every night only to be found here.
I will be relaxing after a hard day of work. Or even a not so hard day of work. But you will have to leave a message if you call.

Because, I will be relaxing. I hope at the end of this White Wednesday that you will be relaxing too. Just don't fall asleep and get bubbles in your nose.
For more White Wednesday posts just click on the White Wednesday tab at the side of my page and see what Kathleen and the girls have to offer today.
And if you'd like, check out my other blog too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lucky Lady...if the boat fits...wear it!

I photographed this Lucky Lady on a recent trip to San Francisco. She was docked at the Fisherman's Wharf . I am not sure if a real Lucky Lady lives on her, but thoughts of this lifestyle every once in a while play with my head.
Can you imagine a life on a boat? At one time, my hubby, a Captain and I started looking in to living on a boat. We attended many boat shows walking on what we would dream would be our new home. We thought of the the many places we would go, docking from place to place up and down the Gulf of Mexico and even adventuring out onto the Caribbean . Romantic don't you think?
We do that. We dream together. We may never actually do what we dream but it is a fun thing we do. I think that is what keeps our marriage from getting boring and our conversations brimming with energy. It's as though he raises the brush to the canvas, paints a little and then hands the brush to me. I paint a little more , and we continue to handing it off back and forth each trusting the other to paint more and more beauty onto the canvas of our dream. I've learned to trust him over the course of time and I think that is key.
When a woman trusts her man she will follow him to the ends of the earth or in my case, sail the deep blue sea and although that was once a silly little dream, we enjoyed the days spent dreaming it.
And if we ever do get that boat and actually sail off on our dreamed adventure, you can bet she will be named, "LUCKY LADY." AKA BECKY