Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

If there is anything that I have learned as one year goes by and another one begins is that I don't control it. I can write my list of goals, dreams, plans but there is only One who knows what the year will bring. As we lift our glasses, ring those bells, set off the fireworks let us also release our plans to Him, asking that He shape them in to His own and then watch the fireworks begin.

Happy New Year everybody.

God Bless the works of your hands and hearts.


Jane said...'s so difficult to relinquish it...and yet, we truly do not have "control" over our lives. And that is a blessing!

May your new year be filled with wonderful and new experiences...and renewed and deeper friendships. Love to both you and Dave...and your dear family.


ps -I recognize these glasses...indeed, I had forgotten about them. Love your arrangement.

Tutti Chic said...

Well said Becky~How true! Thanks for visiting today! I'm so glad I found your lovely blog via your post! :) chris Happy new year!

Sharon~heartsongs said...

That's a beautiful post.
I'm not on here too much lately. I hope you are doing well.