Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year


We hope you will have a very safe and prosperous 2007 and we sincerly want to thank each and every one of you for your encouragement and support of the store.

Over the last year it has been my delight to help you. I must admit sometimes I found myself way too attached to some of the furniture we had in the store but watching it go from the store to a good home and watching your joy has been mine as well.

I also am blessed to have made such good friends in many of you. 2006 was a great year for Dave and I and I pray yours was as well.

So it is time to take the stockings off the mantle and remove the tree from the house and with the house now De-Chirstmased have you found that more than the Christmas decor your room is lacking something. We just may have that special something that you have been looking for . Come in quickly as what is here today will be gone tomorrow.

Dave and I have many exciting plans for the New Year. With the purchase of a 112 Year old Victioran home in Eufaula AL we now have a new passion for restoration. We have definatly learned that what is old can be made fabuouly new again from our experience through the furniture business and now we are going to try our hand at a house. Our plans are to restore it and make it a Bed and Breakfast.

Eufaula AL is a town with a 600 mile long lake and with Dave being a Fishing Captain we plan to do both the Bed and Breakfast and fishing guide service as a package deal. For the wife that wants a romantic getaway and the husband that likes to fish this will be a wonderful getaway. So stay posted as we will create another blog to keep you current on what we are doing with the house and when Grand opening day will be.

I look forward to what this year has in store for us and we will continue to keep the shop full of wonderful pieces of furniture.

This is going to be the Best Year Ever for Lace and Lures and I hope you will continue to share it with us.

God Bless you all,

Becky and Dave


Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Oh my~ Your victorian home is gorgeous. And it's so pretty with all the treasures inside. Now that is my dream home. Happy New Years!

Anonymous said...

Oh MY Gosh! I wish I lived closer ..I have heard alot about Dunedin!Looks like a shop from the Cape! I love
Denise Mass.

Anonymous said...

Do you ship those florals..I am looking for millinery,ribbon, soft beige browns? What color are the roses in the vase? I have a wedding commission and the bride has too many colors brown,green,gerbers which are mod..but she wants thinking neutrals? any wallpaper? Thank You Denise